Shaping Lives

Communities are the foundation of who we are, everyone wants to belong with basic needs met, "it's difficult to dream when you have to survive"

In an ideal situation, everyone thrives in a community, unfortunately, many people are displaced by inequality and lack of equity, we have advanced in technology but not in human empathy hence many people still struggle for basic needs such as water, electricity, food and accommodation,

Our goal is to partner and co-create a future we can all be proud of by supporting and encouraging you to be part of the change we all seek to see in this world!

Why? Because we can! All lives can thrive if we collectively work at it, we can create an economy where no one should be left behind.

After all, we are all in the same boat!

If we have learned anything from this pandemic period, no one person is isolated and we all desire that same thing.. to be happy, blissful and live to our maximum potential.

Every community is different and must be understood from the perspective of the indigenous people, culture and background. Development must be tailored to the needs of the people, this is why our projects in every community are different.

Our target is to take one community at a time, one project at a time and one smile at a time,

You are welcome to visit us and get a first-hand experience with the communities or donate to support our current projects


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Water for Nantong Zuo community

In the Zuo community the public drinking water facility broke down many years ago and families have been forced to travel 60 minutes multiple times per day to gather murky, disease carrying water from the local Dam. As a result, unimproved water causes various diseases, including diarrhea, helminthiasis, or malnutrition. Normally, women and children take responsibility for collecting water for their households. Therefore, improving the water system could be a way to improve the quality of life in this region.

This project focuses on the construction of a sustainable borehole system through solar power for the Nantong Zuo village in Ghana, the aim to increase local communities’ adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change and also of cutting down the excessive hours fetching water, reducing the distance children/women travel when they fetch water, therefore, improving their quality of life.

Excepts from experts and community leaders about the challenges of the community.

The Solution

Green Gold Social Enterprise (our parent company) in partnership with Poul Due Jensen/Grunfos Foundation drilled a solar powered borehole, the objectives of this is:

- eliminate the need for travelling 30-90 minutes multiple times a day for clean water

- stop using murky water at local dam as main water source

- improve animal and food production

- increase overall health in community

- improve gender equality, seeing as fetching water is mainly a woman's chore.

The Results

As of June 2022, Boreholes have been drilled and tested, with a yield of 1000 litres of drinking water per day, even though not enough to serve a community of 12,000 it is the beginning of several possibilities

the water table in the tamale area is generally low, hence multiple boreholes need to be drilled and installed to meet our target supply of 20,000 litres a day, community members will pay a small fee to enable maintenance and sustenance of the systems

Above: Water has been plumed 700 meters to the community to shorten travel time and make water easily accessible to community members, 2 x 10,000 litre tanks installed to receive and dispense water from boreholes 

Left: Testing of water flow and yield of the borehole by Green Gold/Dream Village Team

We are awaiting the installation of AQtaps which will automate the water dispensary process at affordable prices

Project will be completed for use and handover by January 2023

Skills and business training centre

The Mastermind project is an initiative inspired by the Dream Village Training Project in partnership with the Vera Blazek Creativity & Innovative Foundation and Click A Tree

It was launched late last year (2021) in the Nantong Zuo rural community; one of the deprived communities in the Northern region of Ghana. 

Currently, twelve (12) ladies who were engaged to participate in the tree planting have been enrolled on the Mastermind project. This initiative was created to give these young ladies a career and hope for the future. Most of them; victims of early marriage, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, school dropout who have had little or no education, have been given the

opportunity to learn a trade. They also go through agricultural extension training on backyard gardening. They plant trees during their spare time and help water them during the dry season, in exchange the get training and training materials to enhance their trade and also some allowance to care for their families

The girls now have their individual backyard gardens where they cultivate


The Mastermind Skills Training and Business Development Centre is for fashion designing and smock weaving centre which started under an open shed has now moved to one block facility with the help our partners and  supporters like you.

The new centre is spacious, has a washroom and is easily accessible.


28 August 2022. Opening day Mastermind Skills and business training centre, 

Picture of community leaders, trainees, Green Gold/Dream Village Team and parents of Nanton Zuo Community


Above: Ladies learning to weave the "Kente" cloth

Since its opening on 28 August 2022, we have seen a spike in enrolment, with more girls eager to be trained; current waiting list is 23.

It cost $1500 to enrol a girl for the 2 years training program, who will give back by helping us to plant and conserves trees

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